☞ Imbalanced

U.K. bill would ‘outlaw open Wi-Fi’ At a recent debate in the House of Lords on the Digital Economy Bill, a number of amendments designed to ensure citizen rights (as opposed to most terms of the DEB that limit citizen rights in defence on corporate rights) were rejected by the UK government on the basis […]

☞ Gestures

Europe ‘will not accept’ three strikes in Acta treaty While this is all good, it is not sufficient as ACTA will address far more than just “graduated response”. This looks to me like a co-ordinated action by the Commissioners in response to obvious concern, to try to prevent the Parliament forcing their hand in the […]

☞ Discoveries

EU Data Protection Supervisor Warns Against ACTA, Calls 3 Strikes Disproportionate Very welcome – and beautifully-constructed – from Europe’s data protection supremo. While we should not let up pressure on transparency and on three-strikes, it may be time to start spotlighting some of the other evil in the leaked drafts, such as unlimited search powers […]