☞ Transparency, Privacy and Genius

Analysis: this government is open to scrutiny Noble words that, if truly implemented, take Britain down a path to open governmnet and citizen scrutiny. But only if “transparency” actually means “open data”. We don’t need summaries, PDF, printouts and other indigestible publication. We need the data in machine-readable, current form so that citizens can process […]

☞ Transparency and Good Will

The SEC and The Python What does open source have to do with open data? This extremely insightful move by the SEC demonstrates that the syntax of open data is not enough to provide transparency. We also need an implementation of the semantics of that syntax, provided openly, freely and as the basis for reimplementation, […]

☞ Getting The Point

The EGM debate: BCS v Len Keighley This FAQ/debate article with an anonymous BCS spokesbeing make it clear what the issue at the BCS is all about, both directly and through tone. (tags: BCS EGM UK) Tell Your Lawmakers: “Anti-Counterfeiting” Treaty Is a Sham This EFF campaign makes a great point: that ACTA is ironically […]


BCS EGM The British Computer Society is in the process of being transformed into The Chartered Institute of IT. This is the wrong direction – it’s becoming a club for the Pointy Haired Boss instead of an association to support Dilbert and Alice. The consequence? It’s full of talk of outsourcing real computer jobs abroad […]

☞ WebM Data Points

An analysis of WebM and its patent risk Carlo demonstrates that On2 must clearly have analysed the patent context for VP8 since so many of the “sub-optimal choices” called out by H.264 partisans reflect avoidance of patented ideas. This lends weight to Google’s confidence over WebM, as well as highlighting the way software patents hinder […]

☞ The Power of Pedantry

To Microsoft, Open Source means “Windows Encumbered” Just because Microsoft is busily embracing open source, that doesn’t mean they have any interest in software freedom, as Andy Oliver points out. (tags: Microsoft OpenSource FOSS freedom) Separating Fact from Fiction: My Fair Copyright Proposals Excellent and balanced set of proposals from Michael Geist for copyright reform […]

☞ Problems With WebM?

The announcement last week at Google IO of the creation of the WebM project and the release of the VP8 codec was a positive and welcome development, finally offering an alternative to the royalty-liable H.264 and to Theora. WebM arises from Google’s purchase of ON2 last year and had been widely anticipated. Google did their […]