☞ Anti-Trust Games

A Peek Behind the Curtain of the Texas Antitrust Complaints against Google Fascinating and detailed analysis of the anti-trust complaints against Google. The conspiracy theories Pamela espouses are well-based. At the start of last year as I was working on other technology policy issues with colleagues in Brussels, there were constant stories of indirectly-but-identifiably Microsoft-sponsored […]

☞ Will Run And Run

FSF responds to Oracle v. Google and the threat of software patents “Google could have avoided all this by building Android on top of IcedTea, a GPL-covered Java implementation based on Sun’s original code, instead of an independent implementation under the Apache License. … It’s sad to see that Google apparently shunned [the GPL’s] protections […]

☞ Transparency: Wrong and Right

The fishy mandate of ACTA If you thought there was something fishy about the European Commission engaging in secret negotiations at ACTA behind the backs of the European Parliament and against the interests of Europe’s digital society, you’d be right. I missed this when it was first posted back in April, but it turns out […]

☞ Governments Protecting Outdated Business Models

Fair, Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory…Ain’t Good pointer here by Glyn to an action we can take to check the effects of pro-patent lobbying in Europe. He misses a trick when he doesn’t point out that even RF licensing of patents in standards can be toxic to open source. If the patent holder uses a non-royalty-based restriction […]

☞ Innovation, and how to prevent it

The VC-free startup The trend for VC-free startups is strong, and Dale’s article makes for interesting reading. ForgeRock is another example of a VC-free startup, and I’d say we fit Dale’s profile pretty well. This is not to say we will never seek investment now we’re bootstrapped, of course, but the idea of a VC-funded […]

☞ Modern

Ultra All Stars: The 2010 Sampler for Amazon This free sampler album (only downloadable by people with US Amazon.Com accounts) has some great electronic/dance tracks on it, especially the ones from Late Night Alumni and Kaskade. ‘Patently Absurd’ Lawsuits Proliferate Among Web Firms “The problem with these sorts of lawsuits is that they have become […]

☞ Webmink’s Law of Preservation of Win

Does the Fate of OpenSolaris Tell Us Where Unix Is Headed? I coined a new (tongue-in-cheek) law yesterday – “For every epic fail there is an equal and opposite epic win” – and this could well be an instance of it. A clever and keen bunch of people are being liberated from the expectation someone […]