☞ Long Live The Web

Long Live the Web: A Call for Continued Open Standards and Neutrality Important article from Tim Berners-Lee that needs to be brought to the attention of legislators globally. Key quote: Given the many ways the Web is crucial to our lives and our work, disconnection is a form of deprivation of liberty. Looking back to […]

☞ Effective Authentication

WebID 1.0 Interesting proposal for a lightweight mechanism for authenticated personal identity on the internet using existing web mechanisms. Does the TSA ever catch terrorists? “Does the TSA Ever Catch Terrorists? If they do, for some reason they won’t admit it.”

☞ Hidden Purposes

Government suppliers may be ordered to open up data I’ll believe it when I see it. The whole point of outsourcing in government contexts (and not just IT – think of military security in Iraq) is to push the dirty business of actually getting things done behind a contractual firewall where they can safely shelter […]

☞ Policy Issues

Should Companies That Use Open Source Software Pay a Tithe? They should certainly budget to obtain service and ensure they pay the companies and people that make the software upon which they depend, whether they need support or not. If they don’t, it might not get updated again. And I like the idea of budgeting […]

☞ “May” And “Can”

Forking doesn’t work Michael Meeks points out one of the poorly recognised aspects of dual-license scenarios (including those where patents are licensed). The contract companies submit to in order to gain non-open-source access to the software may well (in my experience usually does) include clauses restricting the exercise of freedoms available under the open source […]

☞ Leverage, Don’t Fight

Chatting with Eucalyptus Co-founder about OpenStack Great to see Eucalyptus exploring ways to engage with OpenStack – very positive trend. It’s the sign of a mind that has embraced open source and is looking for ways to make it work. There’s got to be something in OpenStack over which Eucalyptus can collaborate, given their close […]

☞ Heart Of The Matter

Four Reasons To Pay Extra For Open Source My slides from today’s presentation in Bolzano, Italy. The core of the talk asserts that software freedom opens additional options for businesses which, if we weren’t pre-programmed by the price meaning of the word “free”, we would expect to pay a premium to obtain. Google Files Sizzling […]