☞ Changing Law

OSI Asks German FCO to Look Into the Proposed Patent Deal & You Can Too Groklaw has some useful extra information that helps cast light on the dynamics of the Novell patent sale. Dilma announces new Brazilian minister of culture – and the end of the copyright reform? I’ve been watching the impressive progress that […]

☞ Worse Before It Gets Better

The DMCA Re-Fanged: Courts Now At Odds Over Copyright Protection for Software Security Devices Bad news here about the DMCA in America being given unwanted and unwarranted further reach, allowing corporations to control their markets – and their customers – more than ever. Also slightly unsettling that the report is from the perspective of a […]

☞ Honest Dealing

The first truly honest privacy policy Whenever you see any claim to be respecting your privacy, this is what they actually mean. Grow revenues before seeking VC funding This is exactly the view I have taken so far. It’s been very interesting how many customers have told me that they prefer and trust a self-funded […]

☞ Delicious Fiction

Cory Doctorow – With a Little Help – Audiobook As well as being a fellow digital rights activist, Cory Doctorow is one of my favourite authors and an entrepreneur too. His latest book, “With A Little Help”, is self-published and he’s trying every approach possible to make it succeed in the ways we’re both advocating […]

☞ Debunking Conventional Wisdom

WPHNA World Public Health Nutrition Association Very interesting article (series of articles really) that asserts that the whole concept of using a “food pyramid” to direct nutrition is bad. Excellent proposal at the end. Banks and WikiLeaks – NYTimes.com “The fact of the matter is that banks are not like any other business. They run […]

☞ Betrayal

What is Traitorware? Useful, clear explanation of the threat we all face from the trust we place in device (and software) suppliers who don’t trust us. JCP EC minutes (public): October 5-6, 2010 Well worth reading the full minutes of the discussion in which Oracle decided to push Apache out of the JCP. Note to […]

☞ Effects of Transparency

Privacy Icons: Alpha Release I like this initiative to create symbols to represent the most relevant aspects of privacy policies, so that people don’t need to read all the detail on every site (always at least a page away anyway). I like much more the comments Aza makes at the end of the posting about […]

☞ Wednesday Tab Sweep

Recording the Police “I think we need a law that explicitly makes it legal for people to record government officials when they are interacting with them in their official capacity. And this is doubly true for police officers and other law enforcement officials.” I completely agree. This is a great explanation of why government officials […]

☞ DF Acts To Protect LibreOffice

The Document Foundation joins Open Invention Network Smart move here – by joining now, they gain access to all those patents belonging to Novell that will leave the pool and belong (among others) to Microsoft and Oracle when the acquisition by AttachMate closes. Given Novell’s software portfolio, there’s a chance some of those are highly […]

☞ Kinds Of Trust

USTR’s Request for Comments on ACTA Your holiday project: send USTR at least one comment on ACTA. If you need ideas, let me know… The Anonymous WikiLeaks protests are a mass demo against control Really excellent article by Richad Stallman points out that the individuals arriving en masse to protest about the treatment of Wikileaks […]