☞ New Moves

Jenkins! By a massive margin (214 to 14) the Hudson community has decided to rename itself Jenkins and rehost on independent resources. I just hope Oracle decides to stay with the community and not try to keep a fork going. ODF Plugfest UK As well as the usual ODF testing opportunity, this event promises to […]

☞ Darts and Royalties

Bookdarts bookmarks I have loved these paper-thin metal page markers ever since I first discovered them in the US over a decade ago. I’m delighted to find they are now available in the UK (and thus in plenty of Europe too) via Amazon. If you’d like me to send you one to try, just ask […]

☞ One Launch, One Crash

The Document Foundation launches LibreOffice 3.3 Congratulations to the Document Foundation team who have just released the first full version of LibreOffice. The key improvements are largely invisible to the user – creating a new build system that’s more usable, tidying the code to make it easier for community members to participate, simplifying the Windows […]

☞ Fixing The JCP

Oracle Nominates Bruno Souza of SouJava to JCP EC A very astute move by Oracle here. They are proposing that the seat on the Java Community Process Executive Committee vacated by Apache should be filled by the São Paulo-based Brazilian Java User Group SouJava, represented by my charming and smart friend and former Sun colleague […]

☞ Unexpected Findings

Oops: No copied Java code or weapons of mass destruction found in Android Ed Burnette takes a look at the allegation from a lobbyist that Google is guilty of copyright infringement in Android and finds it is at best trivial and not as advertised and at worst a dirty smear attempt. Brazil’s Copyright Reform: the […]

☞ Documenting History

People’s Choice Award 2010 – opensource.com The OpenSource.Com website that Red Hat run is having a ballot to select the top contributor for 2010 – vote now! A Year After: The Open Source Projects Another where-are-they-now post from Eduardo now he’s left Oracle. This one documents many of Sun’s open source projects and there current […]

☞ Uses Of Power

On the map Interesting slide show illustrating the power of OpenStreetMap to overcome political bias that prevents the real world being documented. Legal Thuggery, or Law as Transaction Cost "Asserting rights where you have none, and implying the threat of litigation behind them, may well be an ethical violation."