☆ Baby Owls

We have owls in the woods around here. I love going to and from the office after dark and hearing the sound of them going about their business (and competing with our cats for mice). A friend of ours put up an owl box last year which has a family living in it this spring. […]

☆ The Tyranny Of The Urgent

I’m nearing the end of the amazingly busy patch that March has turned out to be for me, and I can tell I must be getting older because I am running out of energy. I was reminded today of an essay that was given me when I was at University and whose lesson has stuck […]

☆ Oslo Position

I’ll be speaking at GoOpen in Oslo on Tuesday (on the Grand Panel at 20:00) and Wednesday (the closing keynote). I’d love to meet with you if you’ll be in Oslo this week – find me at the event. I was asked for a two-paragraph “position statement” so the panel moderator knew where I was […]

☆ The Threat Of Parallel Filing

When we consider software patents, it’s easy to believe they are something outside the open source communities. Mentally, many of us model them as a weapon belonging to “patent trolls” – companies who don’t make products in the area of the patents they own (they may have other business interests they are funding) but instead […]

☆ Is Apache Open-By-Rule?

The Apache Software Foundation is probably the most respected open source code community. Host to nearly 100 massively important projects like httpd, Subversion and Tomcat, it has thoughtfully and pragmatically built highly effective governance over a long period, tweaking its procedures so they work well without getting in the way of progress. Many thanks to […]

☆ FSF Leadership Change

I got a call on Friday evening from Peter Brown, the Executive Director of the Free Software Foundation (FSF). It’s been my great pleasure to know and work with Peter over the last five years or so. While I was at Sun I liaised with him over the GPLv3 process, to arrange for Richard Stallman’s […]

☆ Crowdsourced is not Open Source

I’ve heard quite a few conversations that treat open source interchangeably with crowdsourcing. Despite sounding the same they are very different, most importantly in the ownership of the outcome. Open source describes a pragmatic projection of the four software freedoms – to use, study, modify and distribute software for any purpose. As I have explained […]

☆ Is Mozilla Open-By-Rule?

Host to the Firefox browser and the Thunderbird mail client among many other projects, the Mozilla Foundation is one of the largest and most significant open source projects. Long-term contributor and employee Gervase Markham has kindly provided the data for an open-by-rule scorecard for Mozilla. The goal of the open-by-rule benchmark is not to judge […]