☝ Switzerland Celebrates Document Freedom Day

How did Document Freedom Day go for you? If you need a reminder about it, I wrote about why document freedom matters a month or so ago. But I note that in Switzerland there’s been a setback against openness. Read my views over on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Avoiding Skype

As you may recall from my links a few days ago, I actively avoid using Skype. I’ve explained why in more detail over on ComputerWorldUK today.

☝ OSI Governance Landmark

You’ll recall about this time last year I was honoured to join the OSI Board and expressed hopes OSI could move towards representative governance. Well, I spent the weekend in San Francisco at an OSI Board face-to-face meeting (kindly hosted by the Wikimedia Foundation) where we finally agreed to move towards representative governance and also […]

☝ Parallel Filing

In the future, where will most of the patents that patent trolls use come from? Find out in my article today on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Open Source Procurement: Subscriptions

When you procure proprietary software, you buy a right-to-use license and then a support agreement. But when you buy open source, you already have the right-to-use from the OSI-approved free license, so you should compare the subscription cost with just the cost of a proprietary support agreement. Right? Wrong! The open source subscription includes all […]