☞ Distracting Reading

  • The end of OpenID?
    Very interesting analysis on LWN suggesting that OpenID’s big problem is it leaves users in too much control and thus is no use to web sites who insist on quietly gathering and exploiting your identity information.
  • Keen on Kyrgyzstan
    Beautifully-written blog by Dennis Keen, who has the unbelievable task of studying eagle hunting in Asia on a Fulbright Fellowship. Read especially his fascinating Eagle Babe article from last November.
  • EU’s new copyright leader doesn’t believe private copying should exist
    The worrying appointment of Maria Martin-Prat as head of the European Union’s “intellectual property” unit. The unit itself is a pretty worrying thing to exist when there’s so little in common between copyright, patents, trademarks and trade secrets apart from their collective role in removing citizen freedoms in the digital age). But her appointment is especially worrying as she used to be a lobbyist for the recording industry, so this is an act of putting the fox in charge of the hen house.
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