☝ eG8, Control Points and NameCoin

As the pressure on and from political leaders to “regulate” the internet mounts, the need for basic infrastructure to switch from hierarchical to distributed control is becoming more urgent. The week has seen a number of developments that highlight the growing conflict between those with vested interests in centralised control of the web and those […]

☝ A liberating betrayal?

Having suspended disbelief for as long as I could, my ability to take Microsoft at their word over Skype was shattered today by the announcement by Digium, sponsors of the Asterisk project, that they have been told they can no longer sell their Asterisk-Skype interaction module after July 26. In one move, we have illustrated […]

☝ OO.o, TDF and CLAs

Yesterday I read LWN’s (paywalled but accessible from here) interview with Mark Shuttleworth, where he is quoted as saying that the formation of The Document Foundation (TDF) and its launch of LibreOffice “led Oracle to finally decide to stop OpenOffice development and lay off 100 employees.”  Mark says this in the context of his new […]

☝ Software freedom and the cloud

Cloud computing is not just disruptive to the software market; it’s also disruptive to software freedom advocacy. Software freedom has been defined as being present when any recipient of a software binary has the freedom to also use the source code for any purpose, study the source code, modify it and distribute it themselves. Cloud […]

☝ Wormtongue’s Lobbyists

As Glyn Moody discussed yesterday, the Business Software Alliance (BSA) annual report on “piracy” is out. I hate that usage – the word “piracy” refers to about the worst crime humanity is able to conceive, involving theft by intimidation, hostage-taking, rape and murder, and it is cynical marketing of the most disgusting kind for the […]

☝ ChromeBook, SunRay Reborn?

Some people seem to think Google’s ChromeBook is just a cheap laptop with Linux on it. But I think that’s short-sighted. This is yet another attempt at a network computer. Read about it on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Special 301

I’ve read the USTR‘s Special 301 report so you don’t have to. The worrying conclusions are over on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ BT, Set My Music Free!

The Free Software Foundation Europe has a new campaign group in the UK, and their first target is BT’s upcoming music streaming service. Read about it over on ComputerWorldUK.