☞ Not Wild Just Alive

Can We Kill Off This Myth That The Internet Is A Wild West That Needs To Be Tamed? Excellent article. The internet does not exist as untouchable. Morality and the rule of law do apply to the actions people do there. The question is whether those laws are appropriate. … And the proper response, if […]

☞ No Respect

John Perry Barlow Tells Copyright Maximalists That They’ve Got The Fundamentals Wrong Great stuff from JPB here. Shame of it all is despite hist stature in all the domains of interest at eG8 (songwriter, entrepreneur, internet veteran, rights activist) he gets no respect from either the politicians or the copyright capitalists. BBC2 – All Watched […]

☞ Future-proofing

NameCoin at The Dot-bit Project With internet-control-freak politics everywhere now – just look at eG8 and PROTECTIP for example – the need for distributed infrastructure beyond the control of any entity is getting stronger and stronger. This new project uses the same approach (same code, in fact) as BitCoin and creates a distributed DNS where […]

☞ 500th Post

This is the 500th posting on Webmink.Com, and it’s taken about a year to get here. Thanks to all my readers for supporting me this far in my post-corporate adventure! If you tolerate this… the commercial open source window of opportunity Interesting thinking about the opportunity for businesses to profit from open source involvement. Matthew […]

☞ From Around The World

Google Summer of Code: Where are the students? Interested by how few European participants there are in GSoC. Does this reflect poor support for FOSS or a reluctance to sign on to a programme that’s widely seen as a disguised graduate recruiting activity? Updates on The Document Foundation Strong statement here from TDF shows they […]

☞ Openish and Open

JCP.next JSR submitted to the JCP I’m delighted to see these plans finally formalised – they have been around ever since Sun as proposals, but the acquisition got in the way. All the same, what matters is not the rules themselves so much as whether Oracle will actually stick to them when faced with a […]

☞ History Already

Open source .NET mimic rises from Novell ashes I’d heard Miguel was looking for funding to do this so I’m not surprised, but I still offer him warm congratulations and the best of luck in his new business. IT History Society I don’t know whether to be excited this exists, depressed that I know so […]

☞ Programming

Conway’s Game of Life in one line of APL This is a really good introduction to the mind-numbing complexity that is APL. It’s not just the terse, obscure syntax; the way you need to think in order to use it is complex too. Lingua::Romana::Perligata — Perl for the XXIimum Century The talk Damien gave on […]

☞ A Chain Of Cause And Effect

Overinstaller Awareness Day Excellent and insightful comments from SSRC on the BSA’s as-poor-as-you’d-expect 2010 report. I just hope that there are legislators taking note of this research. BSA 2010 Piracy Report: Big Numbers, Big Flaws Given we all know their reports are biased rubbish now that SSRC has published their report, why do they keep […]

☞ Bureaucracy Rebooted?

Rebooting Public Notices Public notices and inquiries should be moved from the newspapers and the bowels of the web online to where we are: networks like Facebook and Twitter. An important topic, but the solution proposed here needs thinking through some more to take into account locally-important minority channels. Regulatory capture – Wikipedia, the free […]