☞ The Open Cloud Initiative

Yesterday saw the launch of the Open Cloud Initiative here at OSCON in Portland. It has the potential to steer the evolution of cloud computing just as the Open Source Initiative did. With every cloud provider today either using centralised service or proprietary software as a way to lock in customers, this is extremely timely. […]

☞ Subversions

Scoop: Oracle scrubs site of embarrassing Java blog The Internet never forgets. VLC and unwelcome redistributors A more detailed article explaining the problem VLC is having with companies using not just the code (which they are free to do) but also the reputation of an open source project as part of dubious business practices. This […]

☞ Community reflection

‘B’ Ark Which ark are you aboard?

☞ Android Angles

Google’s Six-Front War Big-risk strategy in play here. Let’s hope their plan is visionary and strong, as there’s no doubt that the technology industry needs the disruption. BBC to survey UK mobile coverage The BBC have an Android app that gathers signal strength data the whole time. I can’t think of anyone else I would […]

☞ Links Without Links

Why PROTECT IP Will Fail: Cultural Acceptance, Not Fear Of Punishment, Makes People Abide By Laws The key lesson from prohibition, ignored by policy hawks, is that “it is cultural acceptance of legal norms, not fear of punishment, that makes a free society a law-abiding one”. join.me – Free Screen Sharing and Online Meetings Interesting […]

☞ Dis Harmony

Project Harmony Considered Harmful Bradley Kuhn of the Software Conservancy is clearly opposed both to Project Harmony’s work products and sponsors. In short, Project Harmony is a design-flawed solution looking for a problem. Open Minded: Peace and Harmony between FOSS contributors and lawyers Stephen Walli of the Outercurve Foundation seems happy with the results. The […]

☞ Terms, Use and Clouds

The Dropbox Blog – Changes to our policies (updated) Dropbox got lots of bad publicity when they first changed their terms of service and included a broad “all your work belongs to us” clause in it. But I’ve not seen any further coverage since they have clarified the ToS to say that they are only […]