✈ Heading West To SFO

Heading West To SFO, a set on Flickr. A delightfully clear afternoon flying across Nevada to San Francisco allowed me to take some splendid photographs. Check out especially the shot of Half Dome and the colours of the salt pans in San Francisco Bay.

✈ Pie Charts In The Plains

    Pie Charts In The Plains, a set on Flickr. Flying from Chicago to San Francisco today I was struck by the fact that there were bar charts, pie charts and many more visible everywhere.

✈ TAPped Out

If you don’t like whingeing by frequent fliers, skip this post! I spent all day Tuesday travelling back from Brazil on TAP. Having taken four flights with them (LHR-LIS, LIS-GRU, VCP-LIS, LIS-LHR) I feel partially qualified to say that TAP are not a great airline. To recite the litany in no particular order: All the […]