☝ The Entrepreneur’s Dilemma

Following on from my Road To (Software) Freedom posting, I’ve written today about why I think the need for contributor agreements is a matter of choice and not necessity for a software business today. It’s over on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Is WebOS Android’s Stalking Horse?

Read about my discussion of WebOS with HP’s open source officer at OSCON, over on ComputerWorldUK now.

☝ Amazon Escapes The App Trap

As I predicted in June, Amazon has quietly launched read.amazon.com, a full-featured HTML 5 version of the Kindle that runs perfectly on the iPad, looks for all the world like a native application after it’s been added to the iPad home screen as an icon and can even store books to read offline. Goodbye, Apple […]

☝ OSCON Round-Up

My time in the US was all-consuming, as you may have noticed by the absence of posts for the last week. I’m ending the hiatus with a long review of OSCON – you’ll find it over on ComputerWorldUK.