☞ Extension of Power

Alert To Activists: Customs Enforcement of IPR “This is a very worrying development. Borders are places with arbitrary rules, over-empowered and unaccountable officers and no recourse for victims. It is simply wrong to give open-ended powers regarding arguable and intangible “infringements” to these people.” Amarino – “Android meets Arduino” Fascinating toolkit to allow open hardware […]

☞ Tricks

The special trick that helps identify dodgy stats I’d heard of Benford’s Law before, but it was a timely reminder. There are quite a few banks of data that it would be good to test, not least open source community download/member/commit stats… How Peaceful Activists Get Swept Up onto “Terrorist” Watch Lists I have to […]

☞ Corporate Actions

Sony asks gamers to sign new terms or face PSN ban Sony demonstrates it still has no respect for its customers. This is the same company that installed an exploitable rootkit on its customers computers. Surely the ability to force your customers to surrender their recourse against you has to be a signal that you […]

☞ Government In Action

Facebook and Cisco back IT skills drive for kids RIM has started up BlackBerry Hands-On Workshops, in which students will take apart BlackBerry smartphones to see how they work.” Free hoodie with every class?  Seriously, we would do far better teaching kids to program and to solder using open source software and hardware than letting […]

☞ Poetic Justice?

UK business and government dangerously out of tune with cyber threats Interesting how the government is keen to protect Cliff Richard’s pension (by criminalising his fans) and to protect celebrities against hacking yet has no policy to pursue scammers or protect against criminal hacking. Instead they prefer to allow the public domain to be eroded […]

☞ Behind The Scenes

The Great Copyright Conspiracy Laid Bare It will come as no surprise to anyone reading here regularly, but there may be some that still don’t realise their political “representatives” have so little grasp of the dynamics of copyright and patent laws that they are willing to trade your cultural inheritance for short-term political advantage. Microsoft […]

☞ Credit Where It’s Due

Don’t Suspend Scout Finch, Mr. Schmidt. It’s Wrong and It’s Bad for Business. Very sensible commentary on Google’s misjudged “real names” strategy. I still have no idea why Google thinks its approach is worth burning vast tanks of karma to secure. Thank You, United Airlines A heart-warming thank-you letter to United after a warm web […]

☞ LibreOffice Governance Progress

Board Elections: Nominations Open – The Document Foundation Nominations are now open for The Document Foundation board of directors. Anyone who is eligible to vote is also eligible to stand for election. I’m acting as the Elections Officer so that all the people who were actually involved in setting up LibreOffice (I was not) are […]