☝ All About RAND

What does “RAND” really mean for open source? It’s the key issue in the current UK government standards consultation (which I really ask you to complete). I’ve tried to explain why RAND and open source don’t mix in my article for ComputerWorldUK today.

☝ Open Source And Cut-Throat Competition

If your perception of open source is that it’s all about volunteers and hobbyists working selflessly for the betterment of humanity, the cloud computing market today will be shattering your illusions. I explain more in my article today on InfoWorld.

☝ Speculating About Microsoft’s New Subsidiary

Microsoft just launched a new subsidiary to interact with open source communities. I’ve seen plenty of “what they did” reporting but so far no “why”. My (highly speculative) offering is intended to catalyse some real answers. You’ll find it at ComputerWorldUK today.

☝ A New Kind Of “Public”

As wave after wave of privacy news arrives, it’s easy to believe that public postings on social media sites are the problem. But I believe we are facing an issue caused not by public sharing but by an encounter with a new kind of “public”. Read my article on ComputerWorldUK today to find out more.

☝ Who Loses If Oracle Wins?

Talking to people about the Oracle-Google case which comes to court on April 16th, I realised much of the background knowledge that explains things is lost to the current generation of developers. My article on InfoWorld this week looks at that background as well as a possible bad consequence of the case for open source […]