♫ Eric Whitacre at Union Chapel

We went to this one-off concert with composer and conductor Eric Whitacre at Union Chapel in London last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. This official video is just about the whole concert. Enjoy! [youtube http://youtu.be/0JaiSGAZfW4] If you liked that, buy the album “Water Night” (it’s available in the US too)! I’ve had it on continuous play since it […]

♫ Virtual Choir 3

Eric Whitacre launched Virtual Choir 3, the composite performance of his choral work “Water Night”, to promote his new album of the same name (of which more later). Once again, it’s transcendently beautiful. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3rRaL-Czxw] 3746 singers from 73 countries. Amazing, in every dimension. If you missed the earlier editions, watch them – they are beautiful and remarkable.