☂ Welcome to Webmink.Net readers

I finally applied an HTML redirect to Webmink.Net so it brings readers here to Webmink.Com – please update your bookmarks, and welcome!

☂ Global Mink

My new travel and photo journal, The Global Mink, is already getting plenty of traffic. One lesson I learned long ago is to always publish anything you care about on your own domain, as you can never be sure what will happen otherwise. So I decided to move it to its own address, at global.webmink.com, […]

☂ People’s Choice?

My postings from here and ComputerWorldUK are often reposted at opensource.com by the folk at Red Hat who run the site. They are once again running a “People’s Choice” ballot for all there usual authors, and I’d be rather pleased to get a good score so do please go other and vote for me!  Thanks!

☂ Blast from the past

I found I still had a blog on java.net, so I’ve posted a quick note about FOSDEM there!

☂ Donating Money To Open Source

My short article about the best ways to support an open source project financially is now available from the Essays page.

☂ Flattr Is Back

Flattr is a system that allows you to show your satisfaction with things you find on the internet by making tiny gifts to them. If enough people make the tiny gifts, they build up into a more substantial payment, with the result that authors can be rewarded by their readership. Sounds like a great idea. […]

☂ Transparency and Privacy Article Available

I’ve edited the article on balancing transparency and privacy in open source communities that appeared here and on CWUK earlier to reflect conversations on identi.ca and elsewhere and you’ll now find it in the Essays section.

☂ Sentinel Principle Article Available

My article proposing using openness sentinels – the existence of an open source co-developer community working on an implementation as validation of the openness of a standard – is now available in the Essays section.

☂ Updated Events List

Events bookings have become busy lately and I realise I need to put more data online. I’ve been working on the About and Events Booking pages on the site and in the process have added a Past Events page which I’ll gradually populate with details of the events where I’ve spoken.

☂ Delicious Broken AGAIN

Thanks to everyone who has been alerting me to the fact that the same post has been showing up here over & over again. The problem is once again that Delicious has gone crazy and the auto-post task over there is stuck in a state where it constantly respawns. I have reported the problem but […]