☞ Monopolies and patents

EU to push patent-free eGovernment The European Interoperability Framework (EIF) is still in play, and despite attempts by companies like Microsoft to "own" interoperability and neuter it to become a concept defining a preference for proprietary monocultures, there is still a chance the EU will enact procurement legislation that attacks their de facto monopoly and […]

☞ Another Kind Of Broken

New Breed of Patent Claim Bedevils Product Makers A gold-rush for weekend vexatious litigants, and another example of why patent law needs reform (although not to simply make these suits go away). (tags: USA Patents)

☞ Crocodile

The news: Oracle sues Google over Android and mobile Java Hmm. Aren’t these both Linux Foundation members and OIN licensees? Fighting over open source technology in a Linux distro? Presumably this also indicates Oracle’s decision on Apache’s request for a TCK for Harmony. Oracle’s complaint against Google, on Scribd Makes it clear this is both […]