☆ Promoting Document Freedom

Today is Document Freedom Day. It’s not the easiest subject to explain. It’s easy to explain why being free to video a police encounter in the USA is important, or why it’s wrong for your eBook to be remotely controlled by a vendor, but many people fail to understand the subtlety of why a document […]

☆ Sunday Cabbage

Close-Up Cabbage, originally uploaded by webmink. I was cooking for 10 today, so decided to sauté red cabbage as a side-dish. Sliced into half-centimetre ribbons, I cooked it in melted butter with a little balsamic vinegar, plenty of pepper and a handful of sultanas. I cooked it until it was shiny and floppy but still […]

☆ Use the force of Parody: except in the UK

Use the force of Parody: except in the UK, originally uploaded by Open Rights Group. Parody is a powerful weapon for the campaigner. Turning the words of a target of criticism against themselves is a time-honoured way of criticising, and done well (as Greenpeace did in their parody of Volkswagen last year) it’s very effective. […]

☆ Is Eclipse Open-By-Rule?

The Eclipse Foundation is home to a family of projects related to enterprise software development. Its Executive Director Mike Milinkovic has very kindly supplied the data for an Open-By-Rule evaluation. In his submission Mike actually scored the first point higher and I reduced his +1 for “open” down to zero because the Board is controlled […]


Some blog posts develop a life of their own, growing beyond the transient and getting used for reference. You’ll find those essays moved here as they emerge. I’ve divided them up into three categories. The first are essays on general community concepts. The second contains essays that explain open source ideas for business people who […]