☞ Who’s On Your Side?

Nym Wars I’m not sure what offends me most about Google’s idiotic approach here; the patronising parochialism that says they are the arbiters of what a “real” name is and how it’s constructed, the heavy-handed use of Terms of Service to bully individuals, the disregard for the established privacy strategies of so many people or […]

☞ Classifications

Court Ruling Opens The Door To Rejecting Many Software Patents As Being Mere ‘Mental Processes’ The incremental adjustment of software patent law in the USA continues. As the global corporate conflict intensifies, we’ll see more and more of these cases reaching the courts. Yes, It’s Time To Abandon The United States This controversial piece makes […]

☞ Clarion Call

Beware: Europe’s ‘unitary patent’ could mean unlimited software patents Stallman is right to call the alarm on unitary patents. We need to resume the defence of the barricades against the pro-patent lobby. It’s worth noting, however, that the reason the pro-patent lobby pulled the plug last time (as Stallman says) was not because of the […]

☞ Interesting Reading

Mark Shuttleworth on patents, tablets and the future of Ubuntu Interesting interview with Mark, who I consider one of the key thinkers of the software freedom movement. I think too many people criticise him too much while failing to understand the larger picture of his philosophy. When we look back in the future, Mark will […]

☞ Smart Build

SmartOS.org A new operating system distribution emerges from the OpenSolaris/Illumos legacy. An excellent piece of work technically, bringing all the strengths that Solaris bequeathed to Illumos into union with the strength of KVM and pragmatically binding them together with BSD packaging. The real questions will be around licensing since this package blends all three licensing […]

☞ Control Points

Welcome to the Cloud – “Your Apple ID has been disabled.” By introducing remote control points we risk more and more of this. Since the holders of the control point usually have little incentive to treat your case as a priority, the outcome is frustrating, slow and indefinite. Strongly federated identity anchored in an organisation […]

☞ Anti-Social Media Policy

Google’s Real Names Policy Is Evil This policy is amazingly misguided – it’s like Franco trying to stamp out Catalan by banning baby names not on the state list. Is G+ actively blocking suspended users from viewing public sites? I can’t help thinking the people working on this project need reigning in for a while. […]

☞ Monopolist-in-waiting

Apple, publishers conspired against $9.99 Amazon e-books, says lawsuit It’s not enough to be the richest company in the world. Everyone else has to fail as well. Apple ruling blocks Samsung Galaxy Tab shipments across EU Reading around this subject, it is really hard to imagine a tablet computer design that would not fall foul […]

☞ … and in other news …

LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice.org: Showdown for Best Open Source Office Suite If LibreOffice maintains the pace of improvement Brian describes here, by the time work on OpenOffice resumes next year (yes, I really think it will take that long) the gap will be huge. phpvirtualbox – A web-based VirtualBox front-end written in PHP This looks like […]

☞ Subversions

Scoop: Oracle scrubs site of embarrassing Java blog The Internet never forgets. VLC and unwelcome redistributors A more detailed article explaining the problem VLC is having with companies using not just the code (which they are free to do) but also the reputation of an open source project as part of dubious business practices. This […]