☞ Behind The Scenes

The Great Copyright Conspiracy Laid Bare It will come as no surprise to anyone reading here regularly, but there may be some that still don’t realise their political “representatives” have so little grasp of the dynamics of copyright and patent laws that they are willing to trade your cultural inheritance for short-term political advantage. Microsoft […]

☞ Credit Where It’s Due

Don’t Suspend Scout Finch, Mr. Schmidt. It’s Wrong and It’s Bad for Business. Very sensible commentary on Google’s misjudged “real names” strategy. I still have no idea why Google thinks its approach is worth burning vast tanks of karma to secure. Thank You, United Airlines A heart-warming thank-you letter to United after a warm web […]

☞ Freedoms

Software Freedom Day It’s just two weeks away, get ready to join in! open80211s Meshed WiFi in every Linux device? Yes please! Eagles singer Don Henley: EFF, Google “aid and abet” criminals Listening to the “special interests” who worry about freedom of speech and breaking the Internet? Well, that makes you just as much a […]

☞ Who’s On Your Side?

Nym Wars I’m not sure what offends me most about Google’s idiotic approach here; the patronising parochialism that says they are the arbiters of what a “real” name is and how it’s constructed, the heavy-handed use of Terms of Service to bully individuals, the disregard for the established privacy strategies of so many people or […]

☞ Classifications

Court Ruling Opens The Door To Rejecting Many Software Patents As Being Mere ‘Mental Processes’ The incremental adjustment of software patent law in the USA continues. As the global corporate conflict intensifies, we’ll see more and more of these cases reaching the courts. Yes, It’s Time To Abandon The United States This controversial piece makes […]

☞ Clarion Call

Beware: Europe’s ‘unitary patent’ could mean unlimited software patents Stallman is right to call the alarm on unitary patents. We need to resume the defence of the barricades against the pro-patent lobby. It’s worth noting, however, that the reason the pro-patent lobby pulled the plug last time (as Stallman says) was not because of the […]

☞ Interesting Reading

Mark Shuttleworth on patents, tablets and the future of Ubuntu Interesting interview with Mark, who I consider one of the key thinkers of the software freedom movement. I think too many people criticise him too much while failing to understand the larger picture of his philosophy. When we look back in the future, Mark will […]