☝ Java and Ubuntu

Despite a panic caused by a misleading headline, not only is Java not being removed from Ubuntu, but the Java reference implementation is actually a package in the main repository. My article today on ComputerWorldUK has the details.

☝ The FT and the App Trap

I got an e-mail from the Financial Times yesterday, announcing their new “FT App”. That sounded unusual; after all, the FT has had an iPad/iPhone app for some time. I took a look, and found the whole world of mobile publishing waiting for me in microcosm. It’s not open source, but I see the same […]

☝ OpenOffice.Org and the LibreOffice Imperative

As expected, the Apache Software Foundation took the first steps to admitting the OpenOffice.org project to the Apache community, following Oracle’s IBM-designed proposal. It now faces a time of maturing and proving in Apache’s Incubator. I’ve avoided publishing articles here during the Apache discussion as I have both a history and strong views. But with […]

☝ Why You Need Document Freedom

Document Freedom Day is March 30th this year. Why should you join in? See my article on ComputerWorldUK!

☝ Non-Centralised Infrastructure

After discovering BitCoin (where such a large number of people were kind enough to send small donations to 1LfdGnGuWkpSJgbQySxxCWhv8MHqvwst3 that I’m now considering paying for my VoIP with it)  I’ve been accumulating a list of other non-centralised infrastructure that might evolve into something that’s both effective and Senator-proof. The list is posted on my blog […]

☝ The Risky Cloud

It used to take a bailiff and a man with an axe for the door, but the cloud makes it so much easier. If I told you that your entire business infrastructure could be taken offline by a government employee, or even a commercial provider, without judicial review, useful explanation or workable recourse, perhaps because […]

☝ The End Of The Road For Web Services

The news is out that WS-I will now be absorbed by OASIS according to their PDF release. They told us back in July that it was going to happen. As far as I can tell, that’s the end of the WS-* family of specifications – there will be no more, and they are destined purely […]