☞ Misguided

UK looks to US on piracy blocking Ed Vaizey’s views at outrageously uninformed if this report is correct. He seems to think that flawless blocking is possible and that its benefits outweigh its disadvantages. He also seems to be speaking from notes written by the media and proprietary software industries. Exceptionally disappointing lack of insight. […]

☞ Fixing The JCP

Oracle Nominates Bruno Souza of SouJava to JCP EC A very astute move by Oracle here. They are proposing that the seat on the Java Community Process Executive Committee vacated by Apache should be filled by the São Paulo-based Brazilian Java User Group SouJava, represented by my charming and smart friend and former Sun colleague […]

☞ Good For Java?

IBM joins the OpenJDK community and dumps Apache Harmony “IBM will work with Oracle and the Java community to make OpenJDK the primary high performance open source runtime for Java. IBM will be shifting its development effort from the Apache Project Harmony to OpenJDK.” As always in these corporate mating dances, the real meat is […]

☞ Packaging Redux

We’ve packaged all of the free software…what now? This post, effectively a manifesto for the next generation of packaging, is well worth reading as Matt articulately describes the same issues that led the OpenSolaris team to develop IPS. His solution differs – not one ring to bind them all, but rather a decoupling of cooperating […]

☞ Open Data: Fantastic, But Not Enough

In an unusual move for such a significant news item, the UK government announced over the weekend that they were ordering all government departments to embark on a voyage of transparency. There were some very good ideas in the announcement, including a mandate to publish details of all ITC procurements. And there is no doubt […]