☆ Writing For InfoWorld

You may have spotted two posts by me on InfoWorld in the US recently (one about LibreOffice and one about OIN). I’m pleased to say that I was approached by them to take over the widely-read “Open Sources” column. Naturally I accepted their proposal and I hope to write every Friday for them. Thanks to […]

☆ IPEG-SA Announces Tapeworm Licensing

Following news that MPEG-LA have generously offered to sell patent licenses to implementers of the latest 3D-capable video standard, MVC, the world’s tapeworms announced they have formed a new collective inspired by the same principle. Dubbed IPEG-SA (Intestinal Parasites Exploitation Group – Service Administration), they will offer humans the opportunity to license suitably sanitized tapeworms […]

☆ Mozilla peut-elle apporter l’unité à l’open-source ?

La nouvelle licence open-source de Mozilla est bien plus qu’un simple ravalement de façade. Elle pourrait créer de nouvelles possibilités pour l’unité de la communauté du Libre. La première semaine de janvier 2012 marque un jalon discret mais important dans le mouvement de l’open-source, grâce à la publication d’une deuxième version de la Mozilla Public […]

☆ Wild Again

I am no longer associated in any way with ForgeRock AS.  With my renewed independence, I’ve a new startup activity I’m exploring, and I’m open for consulting, speaking and writing engagements during those explorations. Do please get in touch if you have any need of open source policy, process and community consulting.

☆ Open Rights Group on FLOSS Weekly

Tomorrow (November 23rd) I’ll be visiting Jim Killock, Executive Director of the Open Rights Group (the UK’s answer to the EFF), and interviewing him on FLOSS Weekly in another Brit Invasion show with Dan Lynch. I’d be pleased to ask him any questions you may have; leave a comment here or send me e-mail.

☆ How Many Foundations Do We Need?

One of the sessions at Transfer Summit concerned open source foundations. I made a comment during the Q & A that some people wanted recorded, so here it is! Imagine you’re starting something new with a group of acquaintances. You join with them to do some new, brilliant and concrete thing. You all trust each […]

☆ HP Seems To Agree

Just a few hours after I posted my CWUK article, HP showed how much they agreed with my analysis by cancelling the TouchPad and putting WebOS on ice. Will they now follow the rest of my advice and open the platform up? I’ve updated the CWUK article to reflect the change.

☆ Another year older

No chickens, and not the peregrine falcon I had hoped for, but the owl I was given for my birthday is splendid and we get on fine. It may even scare the pigeons off the fruit trees.

☆ Document Foundation Member

Having applied for membership as soon as the process was announced, I’m honoured to have been accepted today as a Member of The Document Foundation. Having been associated with OpenOffice.org for over a decade in a variety of capacities, I have a deep appreciation of what has been achieved both technically in creating a cross-platform […]

☂ Transparency and Privacy Article Available

I’ve edited the article on balancing transparency and privacy in open source communities that appeared here and on CWUK earlier to reflect conversations on identi.ca and elsewhere and you’ll now find it in the Essays section.