⚡ Scutter Prototypes

In the humourous cult sci-fi TV series Red Dwarf, which is set aboard a space ship far in the future, the ship is cleaned and maintained by odd-job-robots called Scutters. Watching this demonstration of the aerial robotic equivalent of synchronised swimming makes me think of them. [youtube http://youtu.be/_sUeGC-8dyk] On another note: yes, I want one, I […]

⚡ One To Follow

ForgeRock has a Twitter account! Follow us to hear all about ForgeRock's news, views and happenings. — ForgeRock (@ForgeRock) May 9, 2011

⚡ Investment

CFO asks CEO "What happens if we invest in developing our people & then they leave us?" CEO: 'What happens if we don't, and they stay?" — wouter dewanckel (@wouterdewanckel) April 6, 2011

⚡ Tune In

Just confirmed I'll co-host this Wed on FLOSS Weekly: David Wheeler – Open Source Software at the US Dept of Defence, http://twit.tv/floss — Simon Phipps (@webmink) April 4, 2011

⚡ Disintermediated

  Sign in window of soon-to-close Borders store in Chicago. Someone's a little bitter http://t.co/rwmHPOD (pic) via @swansonian @bookofsand — Jack Schofield (@jackschofield) April 3, 2011

⚡ Cue Alanis

Microsoft is going to the EU about Google being anticompetitive. That's like Jack the Ripper going to the cops for getting mugged. — Joe Brockmeier (@jzb) March 31, 2011

⚡ Web Karma?

Is the FBI's OpenBSD vulnerability the Universe's way of fixing a karma imbalance caused by the EFF winning 4th amendment rights for e-mail? — Simon Phipps (@webmink) December 15, 2010

⚡ Cloud Correction

Try adding "as long as you don't breach the terms of service – according to our sole judgement" to the end of any cloud computing pitch. — Simon Phipps (@webmink) December 11, 2010

⚡ The Non-Practicing Entity Defence

A patent troll that's made a few inventors rich is still a patent troll. — Simon Phipps (@webmink) December 8, 2010