Introducing OpenRelief

Shane was very moved by the aftermath of the big earthquake in Japan last year. He decided practical action was needed, and with others founded the OpenRelief project. They quickly created a prototype autonomous robotic data-gathering drone design and have just started experiments with it. I had the chance to interview him today – hope you found the video informative.

Update: I’ve written more in ComputerWorldUK, take a look.

Making Hybrid PDFs

It’s easy with LibreOffice. Send people attachments you can be sure they can view, but which can also be edited with free, open source software.

Here’s a how-to video that explains how to make Hybrid PDF files – that’s a normal PDF file, but with the ODF source of the document embedded so that anyone with LibreOffice is also able to open and edit it. Both ODF and PDF are widely implemented open standards, so you can be sure that there’s a choice of free and open source software for editing and viewing them and that they will remain accessible in perpetuity.


The instruction sheet I edit in the video is available for download. Naturally, it’s an editable PDF!

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