☆ A Sandman Reading List

Books for the fans of @NeilHimself’s Sandman series

☆ Writer’s Almanac

Over the weekend I realised how much pleasure I get from listening to Garrison Keillor each day with his small but perfectly formed “Writer’s Almanac” podcast.I’m also a fan of the Lake Wobegone podcast, but the Writer’s Almanac is a different, more thoughtful creation. Catching up with a few days, I heard (among many other […]

☆ The Social Media Chorale

Chatting with Jill earlier, I ended up watching this TED talk by composer Eric Whitacre: Which led me to his Virtual Choir project, which I found exceptionally beautiful and moving: and to this year’s Virtual Choir 2.0, which drew together an astounding pool of global talent: I’m moved by both works, by the beauty of […]

☆ Responding to the Bling Riots

First, let me say I think the inexplicable thuggery that’s going on in London (and elsewhere) is indefensible and the people doing it without respect for people or property are despicable. They deserve everything they have coming to them. But if we want to stop more of them emerging, we need to realise that a […]

☆ Kiva Free Trial

Kiva is a project that allows you to make tiny loans, together with many other people, that accumulate to make a larger loan that will prove huge for an otherwise impoverished person. I’ve been making Kiva micro-loans for several years and in that time have been privileged to be involved in the escape from poverty […]

☆ Voicemail Cracking

I’m getting tired of all the news reports that are incorrectly accusing the News of the World of  “phone hacking”. For goodness sake, haven’t we already covered this? It’s both inaccurate and unhelpful. Even the BBC are doing it and they ought to know better. It is inaccurate because the activity does not involve access […]

☆ New Cat

It was with huge sadness that we discovered last month that our cat Toby had died suddenly in a neighbour’s garden. He was young and in perfect condition. He had breakfast, went out to prowl in the sunshine and the next thing we knew was many hours later when we received a call to say […]

☆ British BBQ

Ever wondered why barbecues aren’t the staple of summer life for the British that they are for Californians? It’s because any time you try to plan one (like we have today, with a decent number of guests), the weather does this:

☆ Protei – Open Hardware Robot

Hunter Daniel and Protei-003, originally uploaded by cesarharada.com. Here’s a Kickstarter project that deserves your attention. A worldwide group of experts and enthusiasts is designing an autonomous marine robot that can be unleashed in fleets on an oil spill and sweep it all up from the surface of the ocean. Their design and working are […]

☆ Baby Owls

We have owls in the woods around here. I love going to and from the office after dark and hearing the sound of them going about their business (and competing with our cats for mice). A friend of ours put up an owl box last year which has a family living in it this spring. […]