♫ Artist Sampler Is A Masterpiece

If you enjoy listening to good singer-songwriter music, chances are that you’ll love the sampler that Amazon.Com is giving away free this week (sadly the same sampler is £7.11 from Amazon.co.uk although it’s worth paying for in my view).  The earlier sampler from the same label (with many of the same artists) was great too, […]

♫ Two Favourites in the UK

If you are a UK resident located in the UK (yes, Amazon really has bolted its service down that tightly here), there are free tracks by two of my absolute favourite artists available at the moment. I ordered the new album Perfect Darkness [US] by Fink as soon as I saw it was being released […]

♫ 5

I’ve been a fan of the music made by Lamb for a long time, but I’d assumed that when they broke up we’d not be hearing any more from them. Indeed, Lou Rhodes new solo career has produced some good music since then. But on the flight to Brazil, I saw in the TAP in-flight […]

♫ Unthankyou

You’d think given the number of places I track music and the number of things I have given permission to spam me with music information that something would have mentioned that The Unthanks had a new album coming out, or that they would be performing just up the road this Wednesday. But no, nothing did, […]

♫ Imogen Heap’s Missing Album

It really is time Imogen Heap released an album of B-Sides And Rarities. There’s some really good stuff out there uncollected on any album of hers. I’m maintaining a track listing for the album I’d like to buy, just in case she needs any help 🙂 – I’d welcome pointers to your favourite tracks I’ve […]

♫ Kids’ Nativity

♫ Strange Communion

I don’t think I’ll be able to get out to hear her performing live tomorrow evening in Winchester at The Tower, but I wanted to mention how much I have enjoyed Thea Gilmore‘s music this year and tell you about her wonderful winter album “Strange Communion”. If you didn’t listen to it when I recommended […]

♫ Mary Oliver Poetry Reading

I was delighted to have found a video of my favourite poet Mary Oliver reading her own poetry at the Lensic Theater in Santa Fe, New Mexico on August 4, 2001. The video is also available for download, and there is also a video of an interview with Coleman Barks. A great and beautiful gift, […]

♫ White Waves

The new Mixed Tape compilation is available – 10 free tracks awaiting download. Most of them got 3 stars in the Webmink Rating System but your taste may vary, and  tracks 7, 9 and 10 appeal to me very much, scoring 4 or 5 stars.

♫ Imogen Heap at the Albert Hall

We were in London yesterday on our way back from a family celebration (congratulations Alastair!) and were lucky enough to have great tickets for Imogen Heap’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall. I’ve uploaded a sample of photos from the concert as well as (since it was a “cameras permitted” event) a video of one […]