♫ Holiday Gift

Vanguard Records Sounds of Summer MP3 Sampler Not 100% to my taste, but some of the tracks are very good (I like Robert Cray and Stacy Clark) but the whole thing is likely to have different appeal for different people so go grab it! Amazon US, so US accounts only. (tags: Amazon MP3 music)

♫ Free Music Weekend

Over 40 free tracks! There has to be a new season coming as far as the music industry is concerned, because there’s a tide of free sample tracks both on Amazon US and Amazon UK this weekend. The UK selection is heavy with old names you might have expected to be in comfortable retirement by […]

♫ Vacation Toy

Digital Bang: Sub Pop's Amazon Sampler A small gift while I take a few days off. A rare Amazon UK free MP3 sampler (people located outside the UK need not even try, Amazon UK uses an IP whitelist). This is worth downloading just for the Iron & Wine track. (tags: Amazon MP3 Music Sampler)

♫ Free UK Tracks

Here are links to three of the free tracks I’ve found on Amazon UK over the last week (you have to be in the UK to download these). The best is probably the dark and brooding Robert Rich track but I bet the retro (very short) Phil Collins track will appeal to plenty, even if […]

♫ I’ll Still Be Using My Voice

A new election-day song from Thea Gilmore captures just how I feel.

♫ Saturday Hybrids

Listen to excellent dance-trance dub with us this weekend.

♫ More Music Picks

Free music from Cydelix, Zoey Van Goey, Loscil and Justin Bieber, plus album-length samplers.

♫ Music Picks, Probably Free

Goldfrapp, Bonobo, Inlets and a bunch of world music.

♫ Music Picks Now Spring Is Here

Free music and video, including kd lang, JagaJazzist, Loscil and more.

♫ Music from a lazy week

Music picks for week 10 of 2010. All free downloads at the time of writing.