⚡ Disintermediated

  Sign in window of soon-to-close Borders store in Chicago. Someone's a little bitter http://t.co/rwmHPOD (pic) via @swansonian @bookofsand — Jack Schofield (@jackschofield) April 3, 2011

⚡ Wikipedia’s April Fools

For April Fool’s Day, Wikipedia editors collected such a wonderful set of links and articles that it seems a shame to let it perish in the daily update. So here, for posterity, is the Did You Know section from the home page of English Wikipedia for April 1st, 2011. Did you know… … that the […]

⚡ Cue Alanis

Microsoft is going to the EU about Google being anticompetitive. That's like Jack the Ripper going to the cops for getting mugged. — Joe Brockmeier (@jzb) March 31, 2011

⚡ Web Karma?

Is the FBI's OpenBSD vulnerability the Universe's way of fixing a karma imbalance caused by the EFF winning 4th amendment rights for e-mail? — Simon Phipps (@webmink) December 15, 2010

⚡ Cloud Correction

Try adding "as long as you don't breach the terms of service – according to our sole judgement" to the end of any cloud computing pitch. — Simon Phipps (@webmink) December 11, 2010

⚡ The Non-Practicing Entity Defence

A patent troll that's made a few inventors rich is still a patent troll. — Simon Phipps (@webmink) December 8, 2010