☆ Patents and Innovation

An interview with a pharmaceutical industry analyst on the BBC today illustrated a key point about patents and reminds us they are about stimulating, not rewarding, innovation. Explaining why AstraZeneca were having difficulties that were making them plan large layoffs, the analyst talked about the “patent cliff”, and the interviewer insightfully observed that it was […]

☆ ebooks – You Can’t Take Them With You…

Digital books are loaned, not sold, so why aren’t they described that way? There’s a big market for digital books, but I think they’re being sold badly, almost to the point of dishonesty. I think it’s time the way their vendors talk about them was changed. First some illustrations: My father just finished reading an […]

☆ Mozilla peut-elle apporter l’unité à l’open-source ?

La nouvelle licence open-source de Mozilla est bien plus qu’un simple ravalement de façade. Elle pourrait créer de nouvelles possibilités pour l’unité de la communauté du Libre. La première semaine de janvier 2012 marque un jalon discret mais important dans le mouvement de l’open-source, grâce à la publication d’une deuxième version de la Mozilla Public […]

☆ OSI Reform at FOSDEM

I was interviewed about my upcoming FOSDEM keynote and gave this concise summary of the background to the changes I’m working on with the Board of the Open Source Initiative. Why exactly did OSI decide to reorganize its governance from a board-only organization into a member-based structure? How will this new governance allow OSI to […]

☆ Wild Again

I am no longer associated in any way with ForgeRock AS.  With my renewed independence, I’ve a new startup activity I’m exploring, and I’m open for consulting, speaking and writing engagements during those explorations. Do please get in touch if you have any need of open source policy, process and community consulting.

☆ “Get back on the couch and stop creating and sharing…”

This TED video from Clay Shirky is a clear, accessible and compelling explanation of what’s wrong with SOPA and PIPA and why the fight won’t be over if we either defeat them (another bill will be proposed) or neuter them and they become law (that’s just what happened before and these bills still happen). Do […]

☆ OSI Opposes SOPA and PIPA

I was pleased to be able to send OSI’s sign-on to the civil society letter protesting the bad laws being considered by the US legislature at present. You can read more about it on my OSI blog.

☆ Use the force of Parody: except in the UK

Use the force of Parody: except in the UK, originally uploaded by Open Rights Group. Parody is a powerful weapon for the campaigner. Turning the words of a target of criticism against themselves is a time-honoured way of criticising, and done well (as Greenpeace did in their parody of Volkswagen last year) it’s very effective. […]

☆ 46,000 ask the US President to veto SOPA and PIPA

I know from the statistics that many of the people who read this are in the USA. Apologies to everyone else, but I’d like to ask all my US readers to take a look at the minimalist petition on the White House e-petitions site asking the President to veto SOPA and PIPA when their future […]

☆ Open Source Xmas

LibreOffice Xmas, originally uploaded by elianedomingos. A very happy Christmas to everyone who reads Wild Webmink. May you find software freedom waiting for you in the coming year! If you need a last-minute gift for someone, maybe a CD of LibreOffice is the answer – you can make and decorate it yourself, and use this […]