☝ Insecurity By Obscurity

I was so shocked by the way Symantec has left its customers to twist in the wind for five years I had to write down some serious questions about their  pcAnywhere advisory this week.  Read them on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Back To The Library?

There’s a big market for digital books, but I think they’re being sold badly. If eBooks were sold as library loans, maybe I’d like them more – I explain more in my article today on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ SOPA, PIPA and Open Source

SOPA and PIPA, the poorly-conceived draft legislation currently being considered in the USA, sparked a worldwide protest yesterday. I think they would also be bad for open source, and I explain why over on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ All About FOSDEM

I’ve posted an overview of FOSDEM, the huge open source developer conference coming up soon in Brussels, on ComputerWorldUK today.

☝ MPL v2 As A Force For Unity

Mozilla released a new version of the Mozilla Public License this week. I think it’s a very positive development for open source globally – read why over on ComputerWorldUK. [Updated:  French translation available]

☝ Foxes Have Holes

The UK’s Minister of Agriculture thinks that the law against hunting foxes is impossible to enforce and should therefore be repealed. I wonder how he and his government colleagues feel about impossible-to-enforce laws against sharing copyrighted materials? For more, see my article in ComputerWorldUK…

☝ Java and Ubuntu

Despite a panic caused by a misleading headline, not only is Java not being removed from Ubuntu, but the Java reference implementation is actually a package in the main repository. My article today on ComputerWorldUK has the details.

☝ New Digital Divides

In today’s article on ComputerWorldUK, I consider the new digital divides that stand to separate us into a two-speed society. And they may not be what you’re expecting, or what policymakers are addressing.

☝ Abusing Open Source Trust

Selling downloaders to the highest bidder with the cloud equivalent of adware is an abuse of the trust of the open source communities creating the software. Read more over on ComputerWorldUK.

☝ Koha Shows We Need Foundations

Apache has been criticised for preventing new Incubator projects using Git. In its defence, some have claimed this is a criticism of the idea of the Foundation. It’s not, and I use the case of the Koha community to explain why over on ComputerWorldUK today. Thanks to my friends in New Zealand for help on […]