☞ Transparency: Wrong and Right

The fishy mandate of ACTA If you thought there was something fishy about the European Commission engaging in secret negotiations at ACTA behind the backs of the European Parliament and against the interests of Europe’s digital society, you’d be right. I missed this when it was first posted back in April, but it turns out […]

☞ Getting The Point

The EGM debate: BCS v Len Keighley This FAQ/debate article with an anonymous BCS spokesbeing make it clear what the issue at the BCS is all about, both directly and through tone. (tags: BCS EGM UK) Tell Your Lawmakers: “Anti-Counterfeiting” Treaty Is a Sham This EFF campaign makes a great point: that ACTA is ironically […]

☞ The Next Act(a)

The broad threats of ACTA Very useful summary indeed, although it lacks a section on the impact on software freedom (which I believe to be significant). Raed this and distribute it widely, it’s the best summary I have yet seen for the general reader. (tags: ACTA Treaty Summary) I Feel Like I’m Taking Crazy Pills: […]

☞ Not In Your Name?

U.S. on ACTA: Full Steam Ahead "The U.S. position for the moment appears closer to 'take it or leave it' with the bet that many ACTA partners will see little political alternative but to take it." — I agree that's likely to be what the US "negotiators" think, but they surely have to take seriously […]

☞ Networked Society

Anti-counterfeiting agreement: Parliament must be fully informed In the closest thing we’ll see to a unanimous multi-partisan vote in any modern democracy, the European Parliament resolved that ACTA negotiations must be transparent, must be limited to existing EU law and must not make three-strikes and other sociopathic ideas mandatory. This is the first big obstacle […]

☞ Time For Intervention

Joint European Parliament ACTA Transparency Resolution Tabled, Vote on Wednesday This is an excellent motion, placing restraint on the ability of the European Commission to conduct opaque negotiations that will effectively bind the European parliament before they have been exposed and reviewed. Looking forward to reading the highlights of the debate. If you have a […]

☞ Maintenance required

Start collecting signatures on ACTA declaration! European Parliament Written Declaration 12/2010 is now ready for signature. The Declaration establishes principles by which ACTA will be judged when it finally uncloaks and we discover how it is in fact armed. It’s time to use your preferred means to contact your MEPs and ask them to sign […]

☞ An Assault On Digital Freedoms

Major ACTA Leak: Internet and Civil Enforcement Chapters With Country Positions Some very serious stuff in here, including insight into the degree to which European Commission bureaucrats are selling out European citizens rights. It’s a big document and I expect the analysis over the next week to reveal some matters of the greatest concern. (tags: […]

☞ Imbalanced

U.K. bill would ‘outlaw open Wi-Fi’ At a recent debate in the House of Lords on the Digital Economy Bill, a number of amendments designed to ensure citizen rights (as opposed to most terms of the DEB that limit citizen rights in defence on corporate rights) were rejected by the UK government on the basis […]

☞ Gestures

Europe ‘will not accept’ three strikes in Acta treaty While this is all good, it is not sufficient as ACTA will address far more than just “graduated response”. This looks to me like a co-ordinated action by the Commissioners in response to obvious concern, to try to prevent the Parliament forcing their hand in the […]