☞ BCS Rebels Finally Get A Voice

Rajan Anketell, one of the signatories calling the BCS EGM, said in a broadcast e-mail: “You will already be aware of the EGM call, of which I am a signatory. You will also be aware of all propaganda (much of it inaccurate) put out by the Chief Executive and President. You may not be aware […]

☞ BCS Leadership Targets Member Rights

On Monday I wrote about the crisis facing the British Computer Society (BCS) as its current leadership tries to jettison the old name. I found out about the move in an expensively-produced glossy mailing I received on the subject. Just a few days later, the actual voting papers arrived. They contain an ill-considered Quick Vote […]

☞ BCS Faces No-Confidence Vote Crisis

I just received notice of an Emergency General Meeting at the British Computer Society – some members think the current leadership want to  subvert the BCS and turn it from the professional society for Alice and Dilbert into a mass-membership organisation serving the needs of the Pointy-Haired Boss and the corporations he serves. Read more […]

☞ Getting The Point

The EGM debate: BCS v Len Keighley This FAQ/debate article with an anonymous BCS spokesbeing make it clear what the issue at the BCS is all about, both directly and through tone. (tags: BCS EGM UK) Tell Your Lawmakers: “Anti-Counterfeiting” Treaty Is a Sham This EFF campaign makes a great point: that ACTA is ironically […]


BCS EGM The British Computer Society is in the process of being transformed into The Chartered Institute of IT. This is the wrong direction – it’s becoming a club for the Pointy Haired Boss instead of an association to support Dilbert and Alice. The consequence? It’s full of talk of outsourcing real computer jobs abroad […]