☞ Politics of Copyright

The Politics of Intellectual Property by Jessica Litman This much shorter paper (from a conference address) is valuable as an explanation and description from a respected and knowledgeable expert on why we are getting such bad law proposed around copyright. The reason? The scope of stakeholdership has expanded (you and I are now stakeholders in […]

☞ Time For Intervention

Joint European Parliament ACTA Transparency Resolution Tabled, Vote on Wednesday This is an excellent motion, placing restraint on the ability of the European Commission to conduct opaque negotiations that will effectively bind the European parliament before they have been exposed and reviewed. Looking forward to reading the highlights of the debate. If you have a […]

☞ Collaboration Barriers and Enablers

Bogus Copyright Claim Silences Yet Another Larry Lessig YouTube Presentation The finest possible visual aid for why we can't rely on automatic means to "filter" content. Lessig, as the world's leading authority on "fair use", is assumed guilty until he declares – and perhaps proves – himself innocent. (tags: Lessig music FairUse dmca YouTube copyright […]