☝ Corporate Open Source Case Studies

The last week has provided a number of interesting – and perhaps surprising – case studies in corporate engagement with open source. This Monday’s Link Post takes a look at Microsoft and Silverlight, Symbian, Oracle and Java and Canonical and GNOME, over at ComputerWorldUK.

☞ Monkey Business

  • Miguel de Icaza clarifies his comments regarding Microsoft’s handling of the open source community over the last 8 years. I find myself in complete agreement with him for once. Had Microsoft had the epiphany that open source was something it could instinctively adopt and harness at the start of the decade, the world today would be very different.

    Instead, it finds itself with a history of toxic behaviour that no amount of attempted reconciliation will quickly clear, especially while the leadership that attacked the free and open source movement is still in place. I hear the job of figurehead for their open source work is proving hard to fill, and no wonder – who wants to step in as apologist for a decade of bad faith? The mistrust is deserved and most of us won’t be as wowed by technology into easy trust as Miguel has been.

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✍ In A World Without Walls…

World Without Walls T-shirt§ I think the time is coming to fill in a few gaps in technology history – including a little trivia. If you have photos, let me know!

A piece of history that many of us older Java geeks remember is the stunt someone pulled at JavaOne in 1997. Java was the hottest new technology in town, the embodiment of the emerging web culture. The JavaOne conference was in its infancy – it started in 1996 – and was sharing the Moscone Center in San Francisco with another conference, Software Development West. The relationship was friendly – indeed, the two conferences clubbed together to close Howard Street and hold a street party for delegates of both events. Continue reading

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