Virtual Choir 4 from Eric Whitacre

Unexpectedly awesome. When he described it (“synths”, “pop feel”) it sounded like it might be a step down from the previous 3, but it’s actually very good.

And congratulations to Tim for his first VC performance too!

A Change in License for Berkeley DB

Meshed Insights Ltd

Perhaps you didn’t spot it, but last month in their new Berkeley DB release Oracle changed the license associated with the software. Many will see this as a betrayal of trust, despite the fact that the new license (the AGPL) is also strongly copyleft, published by the FSF and approved by the Open Source Initiative. Of course, Oracle are completely within their rights to change the license as they see fit, but for Web developers using Berkeley DB for local storage, the seemingly small change from one strong copyleft license to another may well be seen as cynical and manipulative.

Why would that be?

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