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  1. Not that I’ve got a Kindle, but it is good to see the partitioning of digital data for no good reason. Follow the link, see what the Kindle store is like, and get told that an RSS feed of a publicly available website isn’t available in the UK when packaged for an eBook reader!

    • Indeed, that whole regional thing they have going for all their stuff drives me crazy. Even with a valid US account I can’t buy digital music from Amazon US unless I am in the US, or from Amazon UK with a valid UK account unless I am in the UK.

      There is an enormous mismatch between the oldthink media market and the new digital realm that is crying out for disruption.

      • I can see the point wth music etc – if they’re only licensed to sell it in one country then they’ve got to comply with that license, even if it is a bit arbitrary in a digital world. Region-limiting what is effectively an RSS feed of a web site does show the stupidity of assuming everything is region limited, though. Do they not understand the “all regions” option? And can the Kindle not just handle RSS feeds anyway? Sounds like a missing option that a Droid tablet could do, if it is.

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