☞ Waterholes and Crocodiles

  • While Matthew Aslett’s essay (above) is another useful contribution to the discussion that I recommend you read, his bias towards a commercial view of open source leads him to dismiss the emerging pattern and assert that each crocodile attack is an isolated incident that should not affect our willingness to swim in the waterhole.

    There may not be a single open source community but there is definitely a meta-community that’s experienced the network effects of open, transparent, egalitarian and co-operative behaviour around each free software commons. The open source effect is a network effect that grows exponentially with the number of collaborating participants.

    The only people who deny such a meta-community exists and is the future of software are the people who stand temporarily to win from pretending “open source” also means a proprietary (or open core) license-only no-codevelopment worldview where community=customers.

    It doesn’t. And the waterhole is not safe while we ignore the crocodile.


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