☂ The Aggregator Is On

Just a reminder that, in addition to this blog, I still maintain an aggregator over at webmink.net which collects all the posts I make from various places. If you read mainly through a feed reader, you may prefer to follow webmink.net as that way you’ll also see all the posts I make on ComputerWorldUK as well as photographs from Flickr and occasional posts elsewhere. If you have an Amazon Kindle, you can also subscribe to webmink.com so you can read everything on your Kindle.

☞ Open Data

  • “The ability to get out the data you put in is the bare minimum. All of it, at high fidelity, in a reasonable amount of time. Asking people to accept anything else is sharecropping. It’s a bad deal.” — Interesting to have this come round again after all these years, but I agree completely and continue to applaud Flickr for being willing to take the lead. Glad it’s still this way.
  • If you’ve a US Amazon account and like jazz, especially the stuff that smooth jazz stations play, this excellent free sampler is for you. Probably the most-played sampler I have downloaded recently. And if you don’t have a US Amazon account, sorry, you can’t get it.
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