♫ Free UK Tracks

Here are links to three of the free tracks I’ve found on Amazon UK over the last week (you have to be in the UK to download these). The best is probably the dark and brooding Robert Rich track but I bet the retro (very short) Phil Collins track will appeal to plenty, even if not much to me.

☞ Must {Read, Listen}

  • Excellent and thorough article about copyright assignment. If you are involved in the current, Canonical-sponsored Project Harmony, this is a must-read.
  • The sweet, beautiful and sad music that Eastmountainsouth produced turns out to live on in one half of the duo, Peter Bradley Adams. This three-track free sampler on Amazon.com MP3 store (which has started working for me again on my US account but sadly won’t work if you don’t has a US account & address) is gorgeous and well worth your time to download. And it did its job, I just bought “Traces”.
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