New Role At WiPro

I’ve news. Starting today, I will be working full time in a new role. I’m now a Director at the global consulting firm WiPro in their Open Source practice, advising both customers and implementation teams on open source issues concerning software selection, community engagement, license compliance and more. You’ll find me at a variety of conferences and events, and I’ll continue to write for InfoWorld and others.

I’ve always wondered why SIs and outsourcing consultants didn’t use more open source in their solutions. It keeps solutions more flexible for their clients, reduces the overall cost of ownership and ensures end-of-life migrations are easier. WiPro is taking the lead among high-scale consulting firms applying the insights and benefits of open source software to its customer engagements. I’m looking forward to helping WiPro’s customers worldwide gain these benefits and avoid having their software solutions unnecessarily intermediated by copyright owners.

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  1. Congratulations Simon. Using open source in a services organization presents some interesting challenges, I look forward to your musings and lessons learned on this. Also obviously getting WiPro engaged and either working with the community on existing projects, or bringing their own new projects. Good luck!

  2. Congrats! Sounds like a win for everyone.

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