✈ United’s Retro, courtesy of Google

I’m heading to California en route to OSCON (where I’ll be speaking on Wednesday at 5:20pm about open source continuity – use code os10fos to get a 20% discount if you’ve still to buy your ticket). I just got a voicemail from the airline delivered as a transcription by Google Voice and it’s definitely trying to put me in a California retro mood:

Hello. This is united with an easy update. Departure reminder message. United flight number 9:55. You will be departing on time, and hence. Yorty 5 hey m once again flight, yeah 9:55. Yum. Yeah, London Heathrow. 2 Yeah Francisco, California. Yawn. You July. Hey extinct. Yeah, we’ll be departing on time, and hence. Yorty 5. Hey M, flight information is subject to change. Please check the flight information. Monitors at the airport. Thank you for choosing United. Goodbye.

Hey, yeah extinct yum baby.

✍ United Still Breaks Guitars

§ The last of the series of songs by Dave Carroll after his lousy experience flying United is finally out. I think song one was by far the best (song two lacked zing), but this one is pretty good:

I’d like to be able to say it’s hyperbolic, but unfortunately the trip I took over the weekend once again poured fuel on the fire (one friend I was travelling with had luggage lost by them on 2 of the last 3 flights) so sadly I think Carroll still has a point. Song one is just coming up to 8 million views on YouTube so I think United has a problem and the rest of us have a marketing case study.

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