✍ United Still Breaks Guitars

§ The last of the series of songs by Dave Carroll after his lousy experience flying United is finally out. I think song one was by far the best (song two lacked zing), but this one is pretty good:

I’d like to be able to say it’s hyperbolic, but unfortunately the trip I took over the weekend once again poured fuel on the fire (one friend I was travelling with had luggage lost by them on 2 of the last 3 flights) so sadly I think Carroll still has a point. Song one is just coming up to 8 million views on YouTube so I think United has a problem and the rest of us have a marketing case study.

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  1. Unless someone can demonstrate the direct impact of Carroll’s songs on United’s bottom line, I’d say United could care less.

    People talk a good game about how they want change. A handful, like Carroll, throw a little support behind it. But few people truly believe it’ll do any good and others are content to let someone else do all the work.

    We see it in politics year after year, and we’re seeing it here too.

    It reminds me of SuperBowl ads. Millions spent on spots that will be seen by many millions of viewers. Sure we can brag about how many poeople watch the commercials. But how many of those viewers who are not already customers will be influenced to become customers? Relatively few.

  2. I am concerned. Once upon a time there was a concept known as moral indignation and perhaps even moral outrage. People would actually make a choice and then take a stand on an issue that they believed in. They would even put actions behind their convictions. This is why I admire Dave Carroll. He actually did something and raised awareness in the docile cow public. When it comes to airlines I am not really too concerned about damaged guitars. I am slightly more concerned about lost luggage. What really and truely causes me to shake my fist in rage is the manner that people, ordinary people and children, are treated as criminals by these corporations under the senseless and false label of “security”. We as a people are rapidly becoming docile cows that put up with anything including body scanners, pat downs, shake downs and so called random searches and interrogations in airports everywhere. My actions here are simple, I gave up flying entirely. Completely. For over ten years I have refused to get on a plane unless it is a private plane like a learjet or a gulf stream and I know who the owner is. Did I even mention that I love road trips? I do. I love to drive and I will drive cross country for the adventure and to simply go into places and have coffee and I talk with strangers alll the time. Everywhere I go I hear people say the same sort of complaints but I wonder if they put their irate words into actions. I am concerned about this docile pacified public that I see.

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