☞ Good and Evil

  • Great to see Tim has already landed a new job after leaving Sun – congratulations. It will be good to have someone on hand to get support for my new phone! Let’s hope the requirement for editorial vetting is just for the initial posting.
  • Another useful posting from David Hammerstein suggests that, while opposition to ACTA in the European Parliament was unanimous (apart from 13 losers from two anti-Europe parties), this was a symbolic “how dare you route around Parliament” rather than an actual opposition to the terms of ACTA. He suggests the Commission will now counter-punch and that the most interesting times are yet to come.
  • Read the e-mail that the head of BPI sent to all his members and you’ll be interested to see that he doesn’t think anyone outside a few hot-heads cares about the Digital Economy Bill, and that he doubts MPs will have the guts to call for a debate. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to prove him wrong? Maybe a note to your MP via WriteToThem.Com is in order?
  • Jim Grisanzio is the best guy I know in community management and strategy (yes, really) and he has a new blog which I think you should follow. Plenty in there about OpenSolaris of course, but there’s so much to learn from Jim’s way with communities apart from that. And congratulations on being elected vice-president of the Tokyo Linux User Group, Jim!
  • Seems Ubuntu developers are protecting me from myself by removing all mention of XDMCP from the GUI. These instructions explain how to turn on XDMCP again without the benefit of a Security tab on the Login Preferences dialog.

✍ Actually I Do Care

§ There was an article on Boing Boing over the weekend that includes a leaked copy of an e-mail sent by Richard Mollett, head of BPI (that’s the UK’s version of RIAA). He provides his key constituents with a round-up on news on the Digital Economy Bill, the legislative omnibus for all that’s bad in ACTA and the UK’s equivalent of the DMCA. Apparently, Mollet believes there is no groundswell of opposition for the Digital Economy Bill and that MPs will just wave it through for lack of popular concern. Continue reading

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