☞ Public Statements

  • I’m honoured to have been re-elected to the OpenSolaris Governing Board, delighted that the new Constitution has been adopted and humbled to have received the most first-preference votes. It is going to be a challenging year of change for the new OGB.
  • Intelligent discussion from Mako on Stallman’s latest essay on Software as a Service. Note especially that Stallman’s usage of SaaS is a special usage and we should not assume his condemnation of the concept extends to all, or even most uses. It does, however, extend to most things Google offers.
  • It had to happen eventually. Maybe it was the insulting performance from the European Commission’s negotiator that finally provoked someone to break the ring of silence. The draft reveals just how much negotiation is left to do, as well as plenty of horrors about the starting assumptions of the negotiators.
    (tags: ACTA)
  • Maybe there is more to sushi (and laverbread) than just concentrated delicious.
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