♫ More Music Picks

More of my weekly music picks. They are free of charge, as long as you’re in the right place to get them. This week’s favourites: The Six Degrees Sampler  and the great Loscil ambient track.

Loc Title Artist Comments
USA Coupled Key Cydelix Acoustic Spanish guitar lead, dreamy electronica backing, earnest piano melody growing to sustained sound-wall with psychotic fiddler – yes, people, we have a decent instrumental chill-out track on our hands.
USA The Best Treasure Stays Buried Zoey Van Goey Sounding for all the world like a junior Suzanne Vega
USA Dub for Cascadia Loscil Great ambient track that could have escaped from the Myst soundtrack.
USA Album: Global Grooves Sampler Six Degrees Records Another great sampler album from Six Degrees, with eleven quality tracks of world music.
UK One Time Justin Bieber A taster for the latest teen heartthrob. Disco heaven but I’ll be waiting until his voice breaks before I listen again.

If you don’t already have it, bookmark Mercedes-Benz Mixtape. Every eight weeks the M-B marketing folks post a new mix of new artists on this page, complete with a zip-file of the MP3s for easy download from anywhere (mouse over the player and click “MP3 Downloads”).

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