♫ Music Picks Now Spring Is Here

Another week, more music picks (a bit early because there has been some great stuff this week). I keep playing Lake Orchard and I think JagaJazzist is a real find here.

Loc Title Artist Comments
USA Peace Among The Bones Sean McCann A modern folk-rock in the Fairport tradition. But from the US.
USA Lake Orchard Loscil Magnificent, pulsating, anthemic, ambient; think Robert Rich meets The Engineers
USA Magnetic North Fin Fang Foom Dark, guitar led, quite heavy but still nodding allegiance to shoegaze
Global Playlist of 5 tracks JagaJazzist Another group I’ve missed all these years, playing musical yet experimental jazz that is definitely worth a try. Video below too. Sample track: Going Down
UK BBC 4 Sessions kd lang Great performances in an intimate and warm venue. Fantastic viewing, bound to end up on YouTube when it times out on Tuesday

Here’s a video of JagaJazzist in action playing “One-Armed Bandit” recently:

☞ OSS Future

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