☞ The Next Act(a)

  • Very useful summary indeed, although it lacks a section on the impact on software freedom (which I believe to be significant). Raed this and distribute it widely, it’s the best summary I have yet seen for the general reader.
  • A good, easy-to-understand explanation of why the European Commission’s proposal to introduce criminal penalties both for copyright infringement /and for “aiding, abetting or inciting”/ copyright abuse spells the end of any semblance of an open internet and takes us back to Microsoft’s proposed Blackbird (and if you remember that you are officially old).

    This is indeed the Pirate Bay Killer clause that caused IPRED2 to be sidelined, and is one of the clauses that makes the EC want to keep the ACTA negotiations secret until the results can’t be changed. Because that’s the game, and it’s the nastiest anti-democratic game I’ve seen in a while.

  • In case you’re interested in digging a little deeper on that criminalization of copyright infringement idea, here’s the report of a joint working group of activist organisations explaining why it was a bad idea when IPRED2 tried to introduce it. Plenty of EP and EC people agreed and it was put on ice. Seems the Commission are using ACTA as an excuse to thaw it out.
  • “What you are doing is preparing a peephole into the private lives of a member, which will either distract them or lead them into additional questions which they’ll feel they have to defend themselves over. . . Transparency will damage democracy.” Great read [Meta: May be the only time you’ll ever see me link a Daily Mail story too]
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