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My first OSCON was in 2000 in Monterey, CA. It was the one where Sun released as open source (and pledged to hand it over to a Foundation, something they forgot later despite many reminders) and I had only been a Sun employee for a very short time. I have attended most of them since then as a speaker, and have delivered “keynotes” (OSCON has a chat-show format for plenaries so talks are short) several times as well. I’m still on the Program Committee. Continue reading

The Open Source Stimulus Plan

My column for InfoWorld this week considers the unseen value open source brings into the economy, and references this keynote from OSCON by Tim O’Reilly.


HP, Open Source and OpenStack


While HP was making plenty of noise at OSCON about its deployment of OpenStack as HP Cloud, it was the discovery that they have moved their open source program office to the heart of the company that convinced me they’re serious about open source in their products. Read more in InfoWorld.


Explaining OSI Membership

The video of my keynote at OSCON is now live on YouTube:

That link I mentioned:

Portland Submarine tour

Operations RoomTorpedo RoomTorpedo TubeSubmarine Tower

Portland Submarine tour, a set on Flickr.

One enjoyable perk of being a speaker at OSCON and a new author at O’Reilly Media was an invitation to their “Friends” reception at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland. It featured a tour of the decommissioned US Navy submarine USS Blueback, which you can see here.

See you at OSCON?

I'm Speaking at OSCON 2012 (size 300 X 250)

I’ve news.

  • My talk – about why OSI is more relevant than ever – has been accepted for OSCON in Portland in July.
  • Even better, OSI has been allocated one of the non-profit stands in the exhibit area, which will be used for the new Membership schemes we’ve been working on (BIG news coming soon!).
  • Even better than that, O’Reilly tell me that if you quote the code WEBMINK on the enrolment form, you’ll get a 20% discount on any OSCON attendee package!
  • And best of all, for every five people who use the code to sign up, I will get one free pass to donate to a deserving community member.

Going to OSCON

My proposal has been accepted for OSCON in Portland this July, so I’m planning on attending once again – I’ve been to most of them since 2000 when Sun created the project (now LibreOffice). I’ll be leading a session about the reboot of OSI, together with other OSI Board members, and I hope we will have some very exciting news to announce there.

☝ OSCON Round-Up

My time in the US was all-consuming, as you may have noticed by the absence of posts for the last week. I’m ending the hiatus with a long review of OSCON – you’ll find it over on ComputerWorldUK.

Ⓕ Drinks With ForgeRock at OSCON

Will you be in Portland (the one in Oregon in the USA) next week?  ForgeRock would love to meet you during OSCON.  Join us at Kells at 6pm on Thursday July 28th (it’s an easy and free Max ride from the Convention Center and you can easily make it back for the State of the Onion if you need to).  Come to our session on Thursday morning to collect a wrist band for unlimited free drinks!

In case you’re not familiar with ForgeRock, we’re a rapidly-growing startup that’s taking a radical software-freedom-first approach to creating an identity-oriented application platform – SAML, LDAP, provisioning, single-sign-on and much more. The software we’re developing is already mature and is already in use at around 50 of the worlds most interesting  high-scale technologically aggressive companies. At OSCON I’ll be joined by colleagues to explain our philosophy and our software.

Afterwards, maybe some Norwegian music is in order? One of my favourite Norwegian musicians, Thomas Dybdahl, is playing the Doug Fir Lounge at 9pm.

✈ Going To OSCON

I just got a very welcome e-mail – an acceptance for my talk at OSCON in Portland this July. I’ll be speaking on Thursday morning, on this subject:

Most open source start-ups have some sort of lock on the code – dual licensing, contributor agreements, “open core” add-ons and more. But is it possible to start a profitable company without any of those – with just skilled people delivering expert service and developing new code in the community? I don’t just think it’s possible – I’m doing it!

All things being equal I’ll be planning another ForgeRock party while I’m there – watch this space for details!

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